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Welcome to the website of Biomedical Engineering



Welcome to the web page of European Master's programme CEMACUBE:

 Common European Master’s Course in Biomedical


CEMACUBE EIT Entrepreneur Master's


------------- NEWS -------------

We have scholarships available for the 2018 intake (click here)





Open again form 15 October 2018 - 1 March 2019


Are you a bachelor student with an interest in the medical field and in Engineering?

And are you in possession of a Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical, chemical, electronical or mechanical engineering or applied science before 1 September 2019? The Biomedical Engineering Master's programme might be very interesting for you!  Please read more about the selection criteria here.

Are you looking for a versatile Master's Course?

Among others the following course elements will be discussed in the first two semesters of the study: Anatomy and Histology, Biochemistry, Methodical Design, Tissue Engineering, Biomechanics, Biomaterials etc.
Please read more about the programme in the first two semesters

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Do you want to be able to choose from a diverse range of European cities to study at their Universities?

In this master's course you can switch up to three times between different countries and cities. The first three semesters you can follow in Aachen (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), Ghent (Belgium), Groningen (The Netherlands) and Prague (Czech Republic). The fourth semester there are even 7 more universities you can go to!
Please read more about the specializations of the universities


Would you like to have a chat with current CEMACUBE students?

Please click here to visit our Facebook page for prospective students! Here you can ask the students about their experiences and other study or visa related questions... anything you like. 



Four generations of CEMACUBE in Dublin, with from left to right: Michelle Sybring (2013), Timo Lauteslager (2012), Милош Каћански (2012), Anne Leijsen (2012), Rinmer Visser (2012), Bart Michiels (2011) and Alejandro Lopez Valdes (2010).



If you still have questions after visiting our webpage, please contact our CEMACUBE manager coordinator, Mrs. Dr. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If their is anything unclear on this website, please contact
the CEMACUBE manager

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