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Year 2: Courses

In the year 2 course elements on a specific topic will be given. Each university will offer several unique specialisations (see below), based on keylines research, so students get state-of-the-art knowledge, preparing them optimally for future developments in BME.

At most universities, the 1st semester of year 2 consists of courses (30 EC, including preparation for the Master's project), and the 2nd semester of the Master's project (30 EC).

University Specialisation















During this 1st semester of year 2 a proposal is prepared (5 ECTS) for the Master’s project. First a topic is selected. All participating universities will offer Master’s project topics, focussed on their specialisations (see Semester 4). Then a literature search is performed to become familiar with the topic. This phase is finished by an extensive formulation of the study subject and strategy.If you would like more detailed information, please contact the contact person of the university that offers your specialisation.

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