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Selection criteria

For admission you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You need to have a BSc in Biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, electronical engineering, mechanical engineering, or applied physics.
  2. In detail the Bachelor programme must demonstrate that the following criteria are attained: 
  1. Basic knowledge or mathematics, physics, chemistry
  2. Applying, integrating knowledge and understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry
  3. The capability to communicate effectively in English, both in written and in verbal form.
  4. An ability to conduct scientific research individually on a distinct, well described topic
  5. An ability to design products that can solve problems in a systematic way


If you fulfill these criteria, the following criteria/requirements also need to do/have the following:

All other students should follow a repair programme prior to starting this Master's course at their home university.


Note: German Fachhoche Schule BSc degrees are not always accepted by the Admission Office of each partners universities (e.g. not by Ghent and Aachen).